Turn Visitors into Customers

Can you make your visitors take action?

If you can move your visitors to take action, you can transform them into leads, customers or donors. We call that transformation a conversion.

  • If you sell online, a Conversion is a sale in your store.
  • if a visitor calls for an estimate, the call is a Conversion.
  • When a visitor fills out a contact form, requests information, or uses a special offer code, that is a Conversion

The Conversion Funnel
To make a conversion we need to create a direct path from interest to action, and lead our customers into the Conversion Funnel. We can do this by actively inviting them to engage with us through calls-to-action (CTA).

Some CTA examples
A Button that offers an eBook filled with useful information

  • Your visitor clicks the button – enters an email address and phone number and the eBook is delivered

A web request form that provides specific information related to the form entries

  • Your visitor fills in the form with personal or business details in exchange for a price quote or access to an exclusive area of your website, or a discount coupon

A “Call Now” button on your mobile site

  • Your visitor clicks the button and it initiates a phone call to your office.

An “Instant Chat” popup that offers a live chat on every page of your site.

CTAs like these can make it easy for your visitors to get started. Invite them into the Conversion Funnel with creative call-to-action (CTA) buttons and forms, placed right next to the compelling words and pictures that explain and represent your brand. Then reward their action with high quality content or a valuable offer, and you can turn visitors into customers.

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