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Salesforce for Nonprofits

THE CHALLENGE – A System to Fuel Your Mission

Your donors and volunteers are the life blood of your organization, manage them well and reap the benefits. How? Use Salesforce and Pinnacle Webworx to customize, migrate and train you to manage your constituent relationships.

Your donors, volunteers and members interact with your nonprofit organization in a multitude of ways, and most nonprofits struggle to collect and use the data gathered in these interactions. They tend to use a mixture of spreadsheets and other independent programs to collect and maintain this information. These separate data collection efforts result in “data silos” that make it impossible to maintain, integrate or visualize the full relationship that your constituents have with your organization. Is this your organization?

THE SOLUTION – Salesforce & Pinnacle Webworx

Pinnacle Webworx gets you up and running using the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack.  We help migrate your data, set-up custom fields, create custom reports and train you to navigate through Salesforce and get you up and running quickly.

Success Pack At-A-Glance
Salesforce offers their CRM solution to nonprofit organizations for FREE! This is not a watered-down solution, but the top-end Salesforce solution (with 10 Enterprise Edition licenses) for FREE.  Pinnacle Webworx offers affordable consulting services to make use of this Free technology.

This single source of data gives you the power to expedite your processes, increase your donations, and save valuable resources through automated and connected systems. Run in-depth reports to track the overall progress of goals, and view connections between accounts, contact, donations, volunteers, programs, and relationships.

Pinnacle Webworx is a Salesforce Consulting Partner that specializes in Nonprofit Salesforce implementations. During these implementations, we collaborate closely with our customers to build a partnership. Our certified Salesforce consultants have deep knowledge of implementing and building solutions on the Salesforce platform. We have experience with:

Marketing Automation
Strategic Planning
Data Migration
Training & Support
Custom Integration

Let Pinnacle Webworx team up with you to implement Salesforce. Success takes teamwork, perseverance and knowledge to meet your goals. Join the 27,000 nonprofits that use Salesforce for FREE and capitalize and manage every opportunity with a 360° view of your data, enabling you to fuel your organization’s mission.